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What is ESG investment? ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) investment refers to the investment of an institution or company in the conservation of the environment over time, the stimulation of social development, and the enhancement of the governance of the nation. Today, it serves as a key risk management tool and determines business success.

ESG has become a hot topic where many corporate sectors, private institutions and governance-related companies are so interested. Despite the fact that this topic has been discussed for years, so little has been invested in it due to the lack of service providers in the markets and the lack of in-depth understanding of the subject.

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SDG Education has over 10 years of ESG experience and offers data analytics and consulting on how much money to spend on this investment. You'll have 14 themes to invest in, each related to two Sustainable Development Goals initiatives. Does that sound good? It is our responsibility to ensure the full implementation of SDGs in every business deal we have entered into, as well as to ensure you meet mandated stewardship requirements.


SDG Education understands ESG hotspots across sectors, so we can personalize your investing based on your business strategy. Here are the three major services that SDG Education Group would like to offer you that you most likely won’t find anywhere else. They are:

Investment Portfolio Assessment (IPA) Service Provider Assignment (SPA)
We have developed an assessment matrix to identify which area of investment your organization should invested on. We’ll advice how much money and which themes worth investing to match you strategic direction, brand image and organizational structure SDG Education has connection with almost 124 organisations (until 2022 and keep expanding) to help you runs the ESG projects on the ground. Once you agreed on the types of projects you should be invested on, we’ll immediately contact and assign a service provider for you
Investment Portfolio Assessment (IPA)
We have developed an assessment matrix to identify which area of investment your organization should invested on. We’ll advice how much money and which themes worth investing to match you strategic direction, brand image and organizational structure

The IPA will assist your organization in implementing “ESG-Aware” investment strategies and managing the exposure to ESG factors. With SPA, you will save lots of time in the search for a good partner to assist you in running the ESG project.




The SDG Education Group targets fresh graduates looking for a job placement as well as executives and managers who are responsible for the company’s strategic direction. In this training, participants will learn how to integrate ESG and SDGs into multiple dimensions. We will provide them with guidelines on underlying issues and pillars of ESG that needs to be addressed.

Final Year Student / Fresh Graduate Student

Corporate Sectors Professional

Government/ GLC/ Local Authorities Bodies


1. There is an urgent need for Malaysia to provide training and consultancy on issues related to ESG investment, as there are no institutions in Malaysia offering ESG consultancy and training. We have experts from various professional backgrounds at SDG Education Group, such as ICT, banking, education, supply chain, marketing, social entrepreneurship, government service, forestry, and many more. Our participants will benefit from their expertise.

2.The Sustainable Development Goals have been discussed extensively for many years and a lot of actions have been taken to ensure full commitment from corporate bodies, private institutions and government sectors. In spite of this, SDG index performance for Malaysia has been stagnant for quite some time, and it is not even listed among the top ten countries in the world. We need to address this issue as soon as possible so that our country can climb the ladder and become one of the most active players in guaranteeing a brighter future for our next generation





Malaysia’s vision is to become one of the countries that have succeeded in becoming among the sustainable countries in the world. Through our training program, our country will have more skilled manpower tailored with investment management that benefits the environment, society, and governance.

SDG Education strives to bring together experts in various fields to provide quality training and information to participants. It would be great if HRDC could support us executing this training in order to improve the well-being of the country and people in general.


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